Hair Transplantation

Understanding Hair Transplantation, Preparation for the Procedure, Understanding Risks and Complications
Hair Transplantation: Embark on a Journey to Renewed Confidence
Welcome to Doctors of Turkiye, your esteemed partner in transformative hair transplant experiences. Renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction, we stand as the premier destination for hair transplantation in Istanbul. Allow us to guide you through the essential information you need to know before embarking on this life-changing journey with us
Understanding Hair Transplantation
A hair transplant is a meticulously crafted surgical procedure aimed at enhancing both appearance and self-confidence by transplanting healthy hair follicles from donor areas to recipient sites on the scalp. While most individuals are suitable candidates, certain chronic conditions may impact eligibility. Adequate donor hair availability is crucial for the success of the procedure.
Preparation for the Procedure Prior to the surgery, it is imperative to
Disclose your medical history and current medication usage to your physician. Under the supervision of your doctor, discontinue blood-thinning medications like aspirin at least one week before the surgery.
Refrain from consuming herbal teas and foods known to increase bleeding.
Cease tobacco and tobacco product use to optimize the healing process.
Avoid alcohol consumption in the week leading up to the hair transplant.
Choosing Doctors of Turkiye for Hair Transplantation
We pride ourselves on being the epitome of excellence in hair transplantation in Turkey. Our esteemed institution offers a unique and permanent solution to hair loss. With Turkey standing as a global leader in hair transplant procedures, choosing an experienced team and reputable center ensures a safe and successful experience.
Understanding Risks and Complications
While all surgical procedures carry inherent risks, hair transplantation boasts a notably low complication rate. General complications may include pain, bleeding, edema, and temporary or permanent shock hair loss. Rest assured, local anesthesia guarantees a pain-free experience during the operation
Post-Operative Care
Following the procedure, it is advised to:
Abstain from sports, swimming, solarium, and sauna activities for the first three weeks. Adhere to detailed post-operative instructions provided by our Center, both orally and in writing. Ideal Candidates and Age Considerations
Hair transplant candidates typically range from adults aged 18 to 80, devoid of health impediments or previous medical conditions. The operation can be conveniently scheduled based on the patient's availability and our doctor's schedule at the hair transplantation center.
Ideal Candidates and Age Considerations
Hair transplant candidates should be adults aged 18 to 80, free from health and previous medical condition obstacles. The operation can be scheduled based on the patient's availability and our doctor's schedule at the hair transplantation center.
Procedure Details and Duration
The duration of the operation typically spans from 4 to 10 hours. Patients are not required to stay at the hospital post-procedure; they may return to their accommodations. On the second day, the first washing is performed, and patients can comfortably return to their home countries.
Traveling to Istanbul
Patients can arrange their flights to Istanbul once their appointment is secured. Generally, a three-day stay in Istanbul is adequate for the entire process. Mandatory PCR tests are conducted upon arrival, and the procedure proceeds based on the results.
Embark on your journey to renewed confidence with Doctors of Turkiye. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with a seamless and successful hair transplant experience tailored to your individual needs.

Hair Transplantation



with ULTRA HAIR plus, specially designed for hair problems , it is aimed to stop hair loss and thicken hair with personalized, same-day procedures.
Stimulates new hair growth
Maintains healthy hair
white hair reverse
ULTRA HAIR plus+ before hair transplantation,
Hair follicles are strengthened, renewed, pending roots are stimulated and new hair growth is triggered.
ULTRA HAIR plus+ after hair transplantation,
it supports the transplanted hair, strengthensthe roots, and aims to correct the problems that may occur on the scalp.

It can also be applied just before the hair transplant.
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